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We are pre-purchase and pre-sales building inspectors with  30 years of experience in the building industry, extended and in-depth knowledge of the leaky home syndrome, non sceptical approach to any type of construction and we are here to help you.

building Inspectors

The single purpose of the company is to give a peace of mind to those who are buying or selling a property.

We only do inspections, we don’t do bathroom renovations, house piling, roof repair or any kind of building work, we can, but we don’t…..this would put us in a position of, “conflict of interest”.

FBI Ltd was established in 2005.

A comprehensive FBI inspection report is produced in accordance with established building inspection standards

We do a comprehensive minimum 5 page report within 48 hours of an inspection for all range of houses from a leaky house plaster, to older conventional house to a body corporate situation in Units. The report includes a list of remedial work required with an approximate cost for repairs.


What We Do

A Lim report may not include additions or alterations to the building completed without a building consent or be signed off upon completion by Council. Unpermited work may result in expensive costs for the purchaser.

A code of compliance does not mean that a building is weather tight.


Our Commitment to You!

  • Over 30 years of building experience
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Colour photos
  • Advice on how to fix any issues
  • Reports delivered in 24/48 hours via email
  • Hard copy reports delivered within 48/72 hours
  • Moisture readings and testing
  • Wealth of knowledge on monolithic clad buildings
  • Common sense approach and explained in laymens terms
  • Extensive experience in leaky building syndrome


Auckland  Building Inspectors:  Pre-sales and Pre-purchase: Call now 0800 111 324