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 Logo Design Auckland


awa-gift-setWhat your business stands for

A logo is more than just an image for used on websites and business cards but an image which will reflect your business and what it stands for. Your logo is sometimes the first impression of your business to a customer and it is very important that your logo reflect just who you are as a business. As the logo will be iconic with your organization it is important to consider a few aspects of this when choosing a design.

 Nature of your business

It is particularly important that you pick a logo that reflects the nature of your business and what you do. If the nature of your business is professional you may wish to pick a logo that consists only of your company name. A business that focuses on services might want to incorporate some element of what the work involves in the logo. As your logo may be one of the first things your customer sees, ensure that it clearly reflects the nature of your business.

 jetset2Suits all media

Another important consideration is making sure you have a logo that works for all advertising material in you might use. It can be difficult to design a logo that will work well on electronic media such as your website and printed media such as business cards.  If you have already decided on or implemented a color scheme in your organization it will be important to design your logo to compliment this.

 Some recent work

Logo1       Basic Logo     signature logo

Simplistic Association

To some degree it is quite important that the logo design needs to be simplistic. The final design should reflect what your business is but it should also be something that customers can easily remember and associate with your business. It is important to have an open mind during the design process and to consider a few different options. Once a design has been selected it will be quite important that you implement this throughout your business to ensure that customers will instantly recognize and associate this with your organization and it may become expensive to change this in the future.