New Responsive Website

New Responsive Website – Claire Thompson

Scope of requirements:

  • Mobile and tablet compatible website
  • Branding to specification
  • Booing and contact form
  • Web Development
  • SEO web development
  • Clean but effective  web design
  • Easy to navigate

See website below or click here :

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About Claire Thompson

Getting to the point 

Together we’ll get to the heart of issues you face so you can go away with answers and strategies, so you won’t have to keep coming back!

  • Marriage counselling and couples/ relationship counselling – if you’re in trouble, needing a turn-around to restore that spark, or you’re about to commit to someone.
  • Drug and alcohol or addictions counselling – to overcome dependencies and reach a more productive life.
  • Depression, grief, trauma, and other personal issues – to break through to a better life.
  • Family counselling – to overcome conflicts and grow into a happy team
  • Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).