SEO Value for NZ Businesses

search-engine-marketing1-300x225SEO Value to NZ Businesses

It is estimated that there are around  1.98 billion websites that are indexed around the world.  Given the increase in popularity of the internet as a method of doing everyday business, having an online presence has become an essential part of ensuring that your business remains competitive and gains access to an essential part of the market. Due to the immense size of the internet, it can however be very difficult to ensure that possible customers are able to find your company using search engines without having to sift through several pages of search results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of manipulating the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine such as Google or Bings unpaid search results.

5 reasons why it is essential to ensure that your company uses SEO to increase its online footprint:

  1. SEOThe cost to value ratio is much higher than traditional forms of online advertising.

Unlike traditional advertising on the internet SEO is a permanent way to ensure that your website receives a high amount of internet traffic. Paid advertising over the internet will incur additional costs for every click and once the paid advertising expires so will the traffic generated by it.

  1. The return on investment is higher than normal online ads

Several studies have shown that the internet traffic generated by SEO result in up to twice has many sales as traffic generated by online ads. The reason why this is so much more is because people who access your website as result of SEO are accessing it because they were specifically looking for the product or services that are associated with your website whereas the ads target a general audience.

  1. Google Proven increase in online presence

You will be able to actively analyze the increase in traffic and effectiveness of SEO with reporting tools from Google.  This allows you to actively keep track of how internet traffic increases as SEO is implemented.

  1. SEO creates credibility

Internet users tend to trust the search results when they perform online searches. It is estimated that up to two thirds of clicks go to the first search results when an online search is performed. This means that if your website is not optimized you are likely to miss out on the majority of business from customers using search engines.

  1. SEO ensures competitiveness

Though it cannot be said that all websites use SEO it is almost guaranteed that websites that are ranked high on search results use some form of SEO. How effective your website is at this will be the difference between whether your website or your competitors will get the traffic that results in business.


If you have already or are in the process of obtaining a website you have to consider whether all the cost and effort that goes into getting this in place goes to waste if you do not ensure that customers are able to find you. As mentioned above there are other forms of online marketing that can generate internet traffic but you will be hard pressed to meet the return on investment and as permanence of SEO.